GuimaraMUS – Guimarães Music Congress

The Guimarães Music Congress is promoted by Sociedade Musical de Guimarães (SMG), in partnership with University of Minho (UM) and Fundação Guimarães – Capital Europeia da Cultura 2012 (Guimarães Foundation – European Capital of Culture 2012; FG-CEC2012). The congress is focused mainly on the areas of musicology, interpretation, creativity and education, as well as on supporting music teacher training, music research, and music advocacy.

The main goals of this event are the promotion of research, the sharing of scientific knowledge among professional musicians and nonprofessionals and the creation of an artistic and cultural forum gathering those who study, create, perform, teach and divulge music as well as those who promote better policies for its development in society and in the educational system.

The study, defense and promotion of Guimarães musical heritage is also an important goal of the congress. Some of this musical patrimony has already been compiled and studied by local musicologists and can be found in well-known archives of Martins Sarmento Society, Alberto Sampaio Museum, Alfredo Pimenta Municipal Archive and Guimarães Music Society, among other institutions.

From its beginning the congress also devotes privileged attention to the use of digital technologies in music composition. Music registration, representation, reproduction and performance through the use of digital technologies, and the possibility of creating new musical instruments and new aural experiences for the listener and for the improvement of music education are strong areas of interest for the organization.

The topics are:
» Historical musicology;
» Sociology of music;
» Organology;
» Music paleography and archivism.
Coordination: José Maria Pedrosa Cardoso e Ana Maria Liberal

Coordination: João Soeiro de Carvalho

Educational Policies and Music Pedagogy
Coordination: Maria Helena Vieira

Performance Studies
Coordination: Luís Pipa

Digital Sound and Music
Coordination: Leonel Valbom

Music and Musicians in Guimarães
Coordination: Eduardo Magalhães

Presentations submission procedures
All authors are invited to submit their written proposals according to the norms presented in the Model for Article and Oral Presentation Proposals of the Guimarães Music Congress 2012 that can be found in the Congress site:

1- Each proposal should presente a separate front page with the following elements:
– Name, organization or work institution, address and e-mail address for each author;
– Name of the presenting author at the congress;
– Name of the author for scientific commitee contacts;
– Title of the article / presentation;
– Five key-words as a maximum.

2- The article or oral presentation proposal must be sent by e-mail in Word format to:

3- Submitting an article means that at least one author will be responsible for its oral presentation at the congress; the organization will not publish articles that are not presented orally at the congress. However, oral presentation proposals can be submitted without the intention of publication.

4- Proposals can be written is Portuguese, English or Spanish.

January 15h 2012 – Deadline for the submission of:

A) Oral communication abstract for presentation at the congress;

B) Complete article for oral presentation at the congress and publication in the Congress Proceedings (must follow the rules presented in the Model for Article and Oral Presentation Proposals of the Guimarães Music Congress 2012 that can be found in the Congress site:

February 5th 2012 – Deadline for feedback to the authors of abstracts and articles:

A) Abstracts for oral presentations:
(a) acceptance;
(b) rejection.

B) Full articles for oral presentation and possibility of publication:
(a) acceptance for oral presentation and publication;
(b) acceptance for oral presentation and conditional acceptance for publication under the condition of improvement or correction according to suggestions;
(c) acceptance for oral presentation and rejection of publication;
(d) rejection of oral presentation and rejection of publication.

February 19th, 2012 – Scientific Committee deadline for sending the articles to the authors with corrections and/or suggestions

February 29th, 2012 – Deadline for the authors sending back their corrected or improved articles to the Scientific Committee.

Scientific Committee
José Maria Pedrosa (University of Coimbra); Adérito Marcos (Open University); Ana Maria Liberal (Portuguese Catholic University); António Sousa Dias (Portuguese Catholic University); Francisco Javier Garbayo (University of Santiago de Compostela); Helena Marinho (University of Aveiro); João Soeiro de Carvalho (Universidade Nova de Lisboa); Jorge Alexandre Costa (Escola Superior de Educação do Porto);
Leonel Varandas Valbom (Escola Superior Gallaecia); Luís Amaral (University of Minho); Luís Pipa (University of Minho); Magali Kleber (State University of Londrina – Brazil); Maria Helena Vieira (University of Minho); Maria José Artiaga (Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa)