International Call for Composers 2012, University of Évora

Composers are invited to send scores for the II International Meeting for Chamber Music at the University of Évora. Composers must send full score along with parts in PDF file format to with copy to

Please, include short curriculum vitae, contact information and availability to attend to the concert. Priority is given to composers who intend to present an introductory paper on the concert day, at his or her own expenses (there are not fees neither funds).

Works must be scored to:
* Contemporary Ensemble: 2 clarinets, 1 bass clarinet, 2 guitars and 1 piano. Higher priority for this category; works selected by the ensemble director, Dr Christopher Bochmann.
* Duo: Clarinet and bassoon (only few compositions will be performed by the Duo).

All clarinets in Bb, please.

All submitted scores are intended to be played. In case of many submissions, priority is given to the first submitted scores considering their feasibility among undergraduate students.

Deadline for submissions: April 7, 2012.
Concert dates: June 27-28, 2012, at night.
Venue: Colégio Mateus D’Aranda at Rua do Raimundo, Department of Music, University of Évora, Portugal.
Full information: