5th Conference of Young Musicologists and Students of Musicology

Autónoma University of Madrid, with the support of Jove Associació of Musicology, welcomes to 5th Conference of Young Musicologists and Students of Musicology. This conference is also supported by Autónoma University Music Department and it will take place between 13rd and 16th March 2012 at Philosophy Faculty in Autónoma University (Madrid, Spain).

The aim of this meeting is to create an atmosphere for the debate and discussion devoted to undergraduate students and postgraduate students and doctors having obtained their degree after 2008. This will be achieved through communications, round tables, posters, workshops and topic walls of communications related to each other, whose main objective is to face the challenges of research nowadays. With this objective it will cover studies concerning traditional historiography as well as new musicological trends from different areas of knowledge.

The topics are flexible interdisciplinary proposals that offer the possibility to comprehend a variety of proposals for research.
1. Transcultural issues and creation of new identities: re / de-contextualization of popular musics; postcolonial studies; the role of communities in music, and music and politics.
2. Music, new media and new technologies: their role in audiovisual languages, studies on audiences and consumerism, mass media, and acoustics.
3. Historical musicology: new contributions to this discipline from several environments: sociological, literary, documental, critical, analytic and iconographic ones.
4. Heritage: recovery and transmission: studies upon reception, pedagogy, performance, criticism and management.

Call for Papers

Participation in the V Jornadas offers three possibilities:
– Communications
– Posters
– Topic Walls of communications



• It is required an abstract in advance for examination and possible acceptance by the Scientific Committee so as to be able to offer a Communication, Poster or a Topic Wall. This abstract will be sent before February 1st, 2012, to the following e- mail address:


The abstract must be written in Spanish or English, 300 words length as a maximum, according to this structure:

1) title of the proposal and type of proposal
2) author /s: name/s and surname/s
3) body of the abstract.

Guidelines for Communications:

• They must be unpublished, without having being published previously either in spoken or written format.
• There will be a maximum of 15 minutes for every speech.
• The order for communications will be the one displayed in the definite program for the conference.

Guidelines for a topic wall of communications:

• They must be unpublished, without having being published previously either in spoken or written format.

• There will be a maximum of one hour for the exhibition of topic walls of communications.

• All the abstracts will be sent in a single document, with an introduction in the one that shows up the topic and the coordinator´s name and contact.

Guidelines for posters:

• They must be unpublished, without having being published previously either in spoken or written format.

• There will be a maximum of 5 minutes for the exhibition.

• The order of display will be the one that establishes the definitive program of the conference.

• The dimensions will be a maximum measure of DIN A-1.
• Texts, drawings, graphics and pictures will be able to be added to the poster, in the display that the author prefers.


When accepted the abstracts by the Scientific Committee, the participants (Communication, Poster and Topic wall of communications) will be registered for the Conference before March 9th, 2012; they will also have submitted in advance the complete text of the works to the following
e-mail address:


Schedules for the texts:

• Deadlines: February 1st, 2012, for reception of abstracts.
• Authors will be informed about the chosen abstracts after 10 working days from February 1st, 2012.
• Deadlines: March 9th, 2012 for sending the texts and the participants’ and assistants´ document of registration.

For further information, please, send a mail to this
e-mail address:


visit the blog: http://vjornadasmusicologia-en.blogspot.com/

or call at 00 34 91 4972923.