(M)Other Russia: Revolution or Evolution?

The Centre for Russian Music in conjunction with Goldsmiths Music and Drama Departments, and in association with BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Institute of Musical Research and The Pushkin House present an International Festival/Symposium:

(M)other Russia: Revolution or Evolution?

This festival/symposium commemorates the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of communism within Europe – an event that has brought unprecedented political, social and cultural change worldwide during the last two decades.

The festival/symposium will take place in London on Thursday 26 April, Friday 27 April and Sunday 29 April 2012, in association with the BBC ‘full immersion’ day (28 April 2012) dedicated to the music of Arvo Part, arguably the most successful composer to have emerged from a former Soviet republic. The composer will be in attendance:


The festival/symposium will include performances of new Russian chamber music, new piano works, vocal compositions, music for choir, talks given by notable post-Soviet composers as well as the showing of documentary films.
The final free concert on 29 April 2012 will be followed by a round-table discussion with the leading composers: Alexander Raskatov, Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Elena Firsova, Dmitry Smirnov, Faradzh Karaev

The symposium aims to invite interdisciplinary discussion and debate on:

New concepts and styles developed after the fall of Communism;
The legacy of Soviet ideology and its existence within the post-communist era;
The issue of political pressure and whether its removal has been productive for Russian and/or East European cultures;
The issues surrounding the Soviet Diaspora: to what extent large-scale emigration this has affected post-Soviet music, and/or whether Soviet émigré composers living/working abroad feel that this has affected their musical identity;
Recent developments within the former Soviet Republics and their new cultural identities.

Further details: