The Matter of Musical Experimentation

The Matter of Musical Experimentation 

A two-day seminar jointly convened by York University’s Department of Music and the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent.

Department of Music, University of York

May 7th (1330) – May 8th, 2012 (1530).

Keynote speaker: Christopher Fox (Brunel University)

Presentations and performances from researchers in the Music Department, York University, and the Orpheus Institute, Ghent.

Non-participants are welcome to attend. For more information contact Bill Brooks ( or Catherine Laws (


Composers, improvisers and performers experiment with the materials of music making; with sounds and their qualities, articulation and duration, technologies and mediating forces, but also with the processes and contexts of devising, rehearsing and performing and the relationship between sound, action and perception. This seminar will examine the ways in which these ‘matters’ interrelate with musical experimentation, conceived variously. What is the impact of creative experimentation on the understanding of musical materials? On processes for working with them? To what extent is the nature of experimenting contingent upon the ‘matter’ chosen? How does one affect the other?



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