Konfession – Werk – Interpretation. Perspektiven der Orgelmusik Max Regers

Konfession – Werk – Interpretation. Perspektiven der Orgelmusik Max Regers – International Conference, organized by the Max-Reger-Institut [linkto:www.max-reger-institut.de]
October 25th–27th, 2012 –
Akademie des Bistums Mainz Erbacher Hof, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, Hochschule für Musik Mainz an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

The conference is mounted on behalf of the new Wissenschaftlich-kritische Ausgabe von Werken Max Regers (RWA) [http://www.max-reger-institut.de/de/rwa.php] at the Max Reger Institute, Karlsruhe. By the conference date three volumes of the first section, Organ Music, will have been published and the editing of the fourth completed. Due to its innovative technical approach (a hybrid edition of combining the printed score and a digital section comprising the Critical Apparatus including all digitized sources and an additional wealth of information related to the works) the new scholarly edition has been critically acclaimed. Its central concern to combine philological accuracy, practical relevance and user-friendliness facilitates the discourse between scholars and artists.
In the Luther Decade celebrating one of the founders of the German Protestant Church [http://www.luther2017.de/], 2012 is the year of church music. Hence the focus of the conference lies, amongst others, on the Protestant Chorale in the oeuvre of the Catholic Reger, on the importance of J. S. Bach, Reger’s self-conception and his relationship to Mysticism, historically contextualized.
Further details regarding the conference, including the complete conference programme, are available on http://orgeltagung.max-reger-institut.de/

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