The 4th annual meeting 2012 of JASMIM (The Japanese Association for the Study of Musical IMprovisation)


The Study of Musical Improvisation at present (lecture and discussion of Dr. Gabriel Solis)

The Japanese Association for the Study of Musical Improvisation (JASMIM) was set up as a space for freely and academically discussing musical improvisation in terms both of study and practice in September 2008. The 4th annual meeting of JASMIM will be held as follows. We welcome you to join us.

22th (Sat), 23th (Sun) September, 2012

The Music Building (C Building), the Graduate School of Human Development and Environment Kobe University

If you join the annual meeting of JASMIM,

Time Table:

22th (Sat) September, 2012
12:00 Open
13:00 The General Assembly
14:00 Research Presentation “Report of the Process of Learning Improvisation” Midori HORIKAMI
14:30 “Symposium: Musical improvisation and Education of Children” Mika AJIFU, Tadahiko IMADA, Masayuki NAKAJI, Tamaho MIYAKE, Daisuke TERAUCHI
16:30 Performance Presentation “First, move feet. Second, move left hand. Third, move right hand. Forth, move head”. Akira TOSHIMORI
16:45 Lecture ” ” Daisuke TOMITA
19:00 Reception
21:00 End of the first day

23th (Sun) September, 2012
10:00 Workshop “Session of Free Improvisation” Yu WAKAO
11:30 Roundtable ” ” Kumi WAKAO
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Roundtable ” ” Rii NUMATA
15:00 Research Presentation ” ” Youichi NAGASHIMA
15:30 Research Presentation “Word Events” Disuke TERAUCHI
16:00 Lecture “Recent Trends in the Study of Musical Improvisation: Training the Interactive Musical Mind” Gabriel Solis
18:00 End


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