3rd International Meeting for Chamber Music

3rd International Meeting for Chamber Music, January 2013

This is an academic meeting among composers and their performers. Concerts follow composers, performers and researchers seminars. There is call for works by composers, performers and interdisciplinary researchers.

Call for composers:
All composers may submit acoustic works of any length for the following undergraduate ensembles:

  1. Quintet: Guitars.
  2. Quartet: Alto Saxophones. Alternatively, one player has a soprano sax, another one can play a tenor saxophone, a third one can play a baritone saxophone. A fifth alto saxophone can be added to the ensemble.
  3. Trio: flute, violin, piano.
  4. Trio: 2 violins, piano.

Composers are reminded that each ensemble will have few rehearsals in November. There is no conductor, and the work must be written for its whole ensemble (not a solo or duo out of a trio, neither a quartet out of a quintet, for example).
Full score and complete set of parts in PDF must be sent to Paulinyi@yahoo.com (with copy to Zoltan.Paulini@gmail.com), with short curriculum vitae and contact information. Please, indicate whether the composer attends to the concert.
Deadline for composers: 4 November 2012. All submitted works are intended to be played. In case an ensemble receives more pieces than the others, priority is given to the first submissions, and to those composers who will attend to the concert.

Composers with their own players may submit a performance project instead; read below about the call for performers.

Call for performers:
Ensembles and performers may submit partial or full acoustic concert proposals at their own expenses. The repertory must focus on living composers’ works, especially those composers who will attend to the concert. Please send proposals with all scores in PDF file format, short curriculum vitae and full contact information to Paulinyi@yahoo.com (with copy to Zoltan.Paulini@gmail.com). Please, indicate total length for each piece and the composer’s availability to attend to the concert.

Submissions deadline for performers: 28 November, 2012. Priority given to the first submissions.

Call for interdisciplinary researchers:
Researchers from other fields (History, Literature, Philosophy, Musicology, etc.) are welcome to submit papers and proposals related to contemporary chamber music. Please, send abstract, CV and full contact information by 28 November 2012 to Paulinyi@yahoo.com (with copy to Zoltan.Paulini@gmail.com).

Meeting hosted by UnIMeM. Official website with full details and timetable:

Main languages are English and Portuguese for the seminars, but other European languages may be included in the proceedings.

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