Music and/as Process Sandpit

Music and/as Process Sandpit
8th December 2012
University of Huddersfield/University of Surrey


These two concurrent days in Huddersfield and Surrey aim to bring together practitioners and researchers to discuss music that ‘performs’ process. They will highlight the different types of process that are undertaken in and by creative work and situate process in music as different from compositional technique; a facet of the performance, experience, and the temporal dimension of music. The days will also attempt to discuss and document some of the different ways that composers and performers approach and discuss process in practice.

The intention is for the outcomes of the days to inform the direction of a larger event on the same topic which will take place in June 2013 at the University of Huddersfield.

Call for Proposals and Participants:

Proposals for participation are welcome from composers and practitioners working in all genres of music, and from musicologists studying music that performs process.
Each day is limited to 30 participants, and it is envisaged that all participants will present for 5 minutes on any aspect of process in music. Proposals may be in the form of a traditional spoken presentation, a performance, or the presentation of a composition or an extract from a composition. The specific aim of these presentations is to address ways of thinking and conceiving of music as process and the role that music performs in process, to be provocative and to generate discussion.
At this stage we only require a short indication of what you would like to do.

Please send proposals and indications of interest to Dr Richard Glover ( at the University of Huddersfield and Dr Lauren Redhead ( at the University of Surrey.
Please also indicate whether you wish to attend the sandpit in Huddersfield, Surrey, or if you do not mind.

Deadline for proposals: Friday, 16 November 2012

A further call for proposals for the event in June 2013 will be made shortly after the December sandpits.

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