6th Annual Society for Musicology in Ireland Postgraduate Students’ Conference

The Sixth Annual SMI Postgraduate Students’ Conference will be hosted by the School of Music, University College Dublin, Friday 25 – Saturday 26 January 2013.

The conference committee invites proposals from potential contributors in all areas of musicological study for individual papers and lecture recitals. Each individual paper should be 20 minutes long, followed by 10 minutes’ discussion.

Proposals for individual papers/lecture recitals should be submitted in the form of an abstract of c. 250 words.

In addition, all proposals should include:

  • Full title of each paper
  • The full name, contact details and institutional affiliation of each participant
  • Short curriculum vitae for all proposed speakers (maximum 150 words per speaker)
  • A full list of audiovisual and other requirements (data projector, CD/DVD player, VHS player, OHP, piano, etc.)

The deadline for receipt of proposals/abstracts is Monday 3 December 2012

Proposals should be sent as e-mail attachments (.doc or .docx or .pdf) to smipostgrad2013@gmail.com

Please consult the SMI homepage for updates: http://www.musicologyireland.com/index.php/conferences/post-grad-conference

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