The Music of Simon Holt

The Institute of Musical Research in collaboration with London College of Music presents

The Music of Simon Holt

A one day symposium to celebrate his music with concerts and lectures


Convenors: Dr. Martin Glover, Mr. Osvaldo Glieca

Venue:  Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House

Date:  21th May 2013

Time: 2.00pm to 8.30pm

Keynote Speakers: Anthony Gilbert and Simon Holt


Call for Papers:

The symposium will convene to celebrate the music of Simon Holt, who is now widely recognized as one of today’s eminent British composers. Since the second half of 1980s he has gained considerable international recognition. Regarded in some circles as a ‘British expressionist’, his music is, none-the-less without obvious stylistic reference points; rather the listener is inevitably drawn into an innovative and profound experience of poetry in sound.

The organizers are looking for a number of high quality presentations on Holt’s music, whether in the form of analysis on particular works, exploration in broader terms of the new territories his music maps out or contextual studies that relate the music to current theoretical and philosophical positions on the music of today.

Proposals should be presented in the first place in the form of 300 – 400 word abstracts, accompanied by brief biographical notes on the contributor.

Proposals are to be submitted by March 22th 2013 by email to:

Tel: +44  (0) 208 280 0225

or by post:

Dr. Martin Glover
London College of Music
Room 302
University of West London
St. Mary Road
W5  5RF

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