The String Quartet from 1750 to 1870: From the Private to the Public Sphere

The Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini of Lucca (<>) and the Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française (<>), in collaboration with the Italian National Edition of Luigi Boccherini’s Complete Works and Ad Parnassum Journal, are pleased to invite submissions of proposals for the symposium «The String Quartet from 1750 to 1870: From the Private to the Public Sphere», to be held in Lucca, Complesso monumentale di San Micheletto, from Friday 29 November to Sunday 1 December 2013.

The conference aims to study the genre of the string quartet from its origins to its culmination in the middle of the nineteenth century. The aim is to examine the connection between structural and stylistic facets of the genre and the social and cultural contexts that facilitated its cultivation.

Through the study of the historical development of the genre, the conference aims to illustrate the quartet’s progression from the aristocratic salon to the concert hall, in the context of changing social conditions on the cusp of the nineteenth century, involving and influencing composers, performers, listeners, publishing markets and concert societies.

The programme committee encourages submissions within the following areas, although other topics are also welcome:

  • The Birth of the String Quartet
  • The Viennese ‘Classical’ String Quartet
  • From the quatuor concertant to the quatuor brillant: The String Quartet in France
  • Boccherini: A Composer sui generis
  • Production and Reception in European Countries and Overseas
  • Aristocratic Music Rooms; Middle-Class Domestic Salon; Public Concert Halls
  • Professional Quartets and Chamber Music Societies
  • The String Quartet and the Music Publishing Trade

Programme committee:

  • Etienne Jardin, Paris/Venice
  • Roberto Illiano, Lucca
  • Fulvia Morabito, Lucca
  • Massimiliano Sala, Lucca
  • Christian Speck, Koblenz

Keynote Speakers:

  • Christian Speck (Universität Koblenz-Landau / President of the Boccherini’s Italian Edition, Lucca)
  • Cliff Eisen (King’s College, London)

The official languages of the conference are English, French, German and Italian. Papers selected at the conference will be published in a miscellaneous volume.

Papers are limited to twenty minutes in length, allowing time for questions and discussion. Please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words and one page of biography.

All proposals should be submitted by email no later than ***Tuesday 30 April 2013*** to <>. With your proposal please include your name, contact details (postal address, e-mail and telephone number) and (if applicable) your affiliation.

The committee will make its final decision on the abstracts by the 15th of May 2013, and contributors will be informed immediately thereafter. Further information about the programme, registration, travel and accommodation will be announced by the end of May 2013.


For any additional information, please contact:

Dr. Massimiliano Sala
Via Pelleria, 25
I-55100 Lucca (Lu)
tel: +39/338.3122409

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