Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education

On Monday 13 May 2013 the Music Department at the University of York will be hosting a seminar day funded by The Higher Education Academy as part of their discipline workshop and seminar series, entitled:

Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education

Creativity and creative skills are recognised as key attributes for music students. This event will bring together higher music education colleagues to learn about, share and discuss their experiences of teaching creatively to facilitate creative learning, focusing on the processes and techniques of creative teaching, particularly those connected to academic, rather than practical learning.

The event will:

– explore and explain how lecturers conceptualise creativity;

– demonstrate how music lecturers construct their academic teaching to develop creative skills in students;

– provide significant insights into our understanding of the intersection of creative teaching and creative learning.

The seminar will explore creative teaching in higher music learning focusing on academic (rather than practical) areas, although there will inevitably be some overlap as practical work and composition will be discussed within the parameters of academic teaching. The event will feature presentations +from 1) Keynote speaker (Dr Pamela Burnard, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge); 2) Invited speakers working in higher music education; 3) A reflective student feedback session.

Call for papers

Proposals of no more than 200 words are invited for consideration for 20-minute spoken papers (each to be followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion). Please provide your name, email address, institution and title of paper, and send proposals to Liz Haddon, Research Fellow, Music Department, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD or email by 1st February 2013.

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