Church Music: Sound Ministry?

20th April 2013

Canterbury Christ Church University is a Church of England foundation which has recently celebrated its jubilee. The Music and Performing Arts Department enjoys strong links with the Cathedral, and works in close collaboration with the Royal School of Church Music to offer a Foundation Degree in Church Music.

This one-day, non-denominational conference is part of the university’s developing work in this field, and will consider the ways in which music in churches today respond to a variety of theological and cultural contexts.  It is intended that there should be, on this occasion, a particular focus on the outward-facing events in a church’s life and ministry, such as civic services, weddings, funerals and school services. Contributions may, for example, reflect on the use made of secular music; the place of traditional symbolism; or the church musician’s response to the multi-cultural community, but there will be an emphasis on current practice and the issues which informs it.

Proposals are invited on topics relevant to the Conference.  Possible themes might include, but are not limited to:

  • Liturgical – e.g., tradition and innovation in music and liturgy; musical ministry at civic or family occasions
  • Pastoral – e.g., the family and church music; pastoral roles of music leaders
  • Educational – e.g., music in the church and the church school; development of church musicians and musical leaders

Potential contributors are invited to submit abstracts for:

  1. paper presentations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes question time)
  2. panel sessions (1 hour, with no more than three papers, including question time)

Abstracts should address the conference theme and state the aims and methodological approach of the proposed paper(s). Abstracts will be published both electronically and in the conference programme, and should be no longer than 500 words for individual papers and up to 1,000 words for panel sessions. They should include the following information:

  1. Title of paper
  2. Author(s) name(s)
  3. Institutional affiliation (if any)
  4. Email address (panels: emails for all panel participants)
  5. Abstract (for panels: description of the panel and brief abstracts of individual papers)

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Friday 1st March 2013. Successful contributors will be notified via email by Monday 11th March 2013.

Abstracts should be submitted via email (preferably as plain text – only attachments in .rtf format will be accepted) to Dr. Andrew Larner at:

Postal correspondence should be addressed to: Dr. Andrew Larner, Department of Music and Performing Arts, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, CT1 1QU. Further information will appear on the conference website:|

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