IDAF 2013 – Symbiosis

Kingston University London, IDAF 2013 – Symbiosis

Symbiosis: A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence? Symposium, 16 April 2013, Coombehurst Studio, Kingston Hill Keynote speaker: Prof. Peter Wiegold (Brunel)
This year, the theme of Kingston University’s Improvisation and Digital Arts Festival (IDAF) is symbiosis.
The ways in which we make, perform and discuss music have never been so diverse. Musicians, composers, performers and theorists are finding endless new ways to create, direct and discuss music making on a huge range of different platforms. Bearing this in mind, the theme of symbiosis for IDAF 2013 is intended to broaden our understanding of what a symbiotic relationship might be, through both creative practice and theoretical discourse.
Symbiosis could be perceived in relationships between performers, performers and composers or digital artists and the technologies they work with. Other perspectives might examine cross/interdisciplinary practice, the interaction between the tangible/ virtual or human/machine, or the relationship between ‘popular’ and ‘art’ music practices. All of these approaches could provide useful departure points from which to encourage both theoretical and practical experimentation.
We welcome proposals for papers (c. 20 minutes) and are happy to consider alternative methods of presentation. Please send an abstract (250 words) to by 1 March 2013.

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