Third Biennial Mediterranean Music Conference

19-21 September 2013
Cyprus Music Institute
University of Nicosia

The Mediterranean has long fascinated scholars as a location of cultural activity, even though geographical boundaries and unifying cultural characteristics have doggedly eluded clear definitions. The fundamental ambiguities facing any construction of the Mediterranean as a cultural space have given rise to one of the central themes of Mediterranean music studies: whether and to what extent one may differentiate Music of the Mediterranean from Music in the Mediterranean. Music of the Mediterranean would seem to encompass several indigenous traditions whose cross-fertilization over time might be expected to have led to the emergence of distinctly Mediterranean qualities. Conversely, any consideration of music in the Mediterranean must surely recognize the region’s ongoing historical role as a nexus of musical cosmopolitanism, which does not necessarily or explicitly reflect contact with local traditions.
The purpose of the Biennial Mediterranean Music Conference is not to address these problems directly, but rather to create an academic space that fully reflects this ambiguity of Mediterranean musical life. To that end, the conference provides a venue for intellectual exchange between scholars interested in music of the Mediterranean and music scholars of any category who are working in the Mediterranean. Due to this broad perspective, presenters are not constrained by any particular theme. In previous conferences, we have invited papers that fall under the broad headings Mediterranean Music, Musicology, and Music Education. For our 2013 Biennial, we will not include Music Education, since CMI will be hosting the 22nd Conference of the European Association of Music in Schools in the spring of 2014. Therefore, the present call requests papers that fall within either of the two following categories:

1. Musicology of the Mediterranean, understood to encompass any category or research relating to any Mediterranean music culture, past or present;
2. Musicology in the Mediterranean, including any type of musicology as practiced by scholars based in the Mediterranean region.

Keynote Speakers

Marcello Sorce Keller, Chair of the ICTM Study Group, “Mediterranean Music Studies”; and Honorary Research Associate, School of Music, Monash University

Reinhard Strohm, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Oxford; and winner of the 2012 Balzan Prize

Guidelines for proposals:
Proposals of up to 500 words should be sent as Microsoft Word attachments to Kenneth O. Smith, chair of the organizing committee, at All proposals should include the name, affiliation(s), and contact information of the presenter(s).

Presentations may take any of the following formats:
• Individual 20-minute papers
• Panels of 3 to 4 thematically related 20-minute papers

Published Proceedings: As a new feature this year, CMI will publish the conference proceedings. Selected presenters will be invited to submit revisions of their papers for peer-review for inclusion in the published volume.

Deadline for Proposals: 1 May 2013. Applicants will receive a response no later than 15 May.

Conference Fee: Due to the financial constraints facing many colleagues in the region, we have lowered the conference fee to €60, with reduced fee of €30 for students and auditors. Meals will be charged separately, although one dinner will be offered to all conference participants.

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