Extended Durations symposium

7-8 September 2013
University of Huddersfield

Extended durations are being increasingly explored by those working in contemporary musics and sound art. Issues relating to memory, perception, space and the temporal expe- rience all inform approaches to concept and realisation. This two-day symposium aims to bring together artists operating in this area, to understand intentions, methods, similarities and differences, as well as to serve as a platform for the presentation of original works.

Papers of any duration from 20’ up to 45’ are invited on the subject of extended durations in music. Issues covered might include:
– Experiential aspects of extended durations
– Performative realisations, experiences of performing this work, and issues in interpretation and technique relating to the nature of extended duration
– Concepts and constructions in extended timescales

Proposals should include a 300-word abstract, name, and any institutional affiliation. Due to the radical nature of the subject area, alternative approaches to the standard presentation of information is welcomed.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for installations or extended performances for pres- entation during the symposium. Please include a description of the proposed work and a short biography. You should be able to provide your own performers and instruments if required.

Send all proposals to Richard Glover at r.glover@hud.ac.uk by Friday 5 April

For more information, visit: www.hud.ac.uk/research/researchcentres/cerenem/projects/extendeddurations

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