International Musicological Society East Asian Regional Association, Second Biennial Conference

CFP: International Musicological Society East Asian Regional Association,
Second Biennial Conference, 18-20 OCT 2013, Taipei

Inaugurated in Seoul 2011, IMS-EA invites all music researchers working in/on the region (including nonmembers) to submit proposals with the theme:


Within the shifting global order, East Asia has been rapidly transforming its status from an object of study to an active producer and promoter of knowledge. While the “West” has established itself since the waves of European colonization as the generator of theories and methods as well as the frame of reference, postcolonial and post-Cold War interactions between East Asia and the West have admitted mutual transformations. Music, a human phenomenon that is unifying yet alienating, transcendental yet mundane, stands inevitably at this critical juncture. Particularly, this conference aims to address these issues:

– How has the previous global order ordered, prescribed or organized our musical practices and researches in/on the region? How has the shifting of global order related to certain paradigm shifts in our discipline, e.g. from the epistemology of “the music” to that of “musics”? What musical or scholarly traditions have resisted the shifting, and what new formations have emerged from it?

– Conversely, how could our engagement with “musics” possibly shift the global order, and in what directions? Are there examples of making music or doing musicology that do matter to societies and individual lives in the region? What are the challenges and consequences for our institutions?

To embrace diverse approaches, IMS-EA also welcomes new researches beyond the general theme.


1. Panel: 90-min./3-papers or 120-min./4-papers; panels with researchers from different regions or disciplines are encouraged.

2. Individual: 20-minute.

3. Poster/Media Display: A0-size poster or desktop display.


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