Principles of Music Composing: the Phenomenon of Rhythm

Lithuanian Composers’ Union
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

13th International Music Theory Conference

16-18 October 2013
Vilnius, Lithuania

The purpose of the conference is to contribute towards the development of musicological thought, which could serve to compositional practice and teaching process. Twelve preceding conferences took place in Vilnius (Theory and Practice 1999; Between Ethno and Techno 2001; Continuity and Innovation in Contemporary Music 2002; Aspects of Historical Spread 2004; Creative process 2005; The Phenomenon of Cycle 2006; Musical Text 2007; Musical Archetypes 2008; Orchestra as a Phenomenon 2009, Sacred Music 2010; National Romanticism and Contemporary Music 2011; Links between Music and Visual Arts 2012).


1. General (philosophical, aesthetical etc.) outlook on the nature and essence of musical rhythm.

2. Theoretical conception of musical rhythm and its elements (regularity, accent, group, figure, measure, tempo, proportion etc.). Types and typologies of rhythm.

3. Psychophysiological and acoustical aspects of rhythm perception (durations, proportions, tempos etc.). The impact of rhythm on its recipient (emotional, esthetical etc.).

4. Psychology of creativity insights on musical rhythm: rational and irrational aspects of rhythm composing.

5. The relation of rhythm with various compositional means, texts, rituals, drama etc. Theoretical and compositional rhythm systems, rhythm styles.

6. Ethnical and historical aspects of musical rhythm (origins of rhythm, functions, continuity etc.)

7. Rhythm in contemporary music: from rhythmic autonomy to arrhythmia, continuous rhythmic processes (ostinato, series, algorithms etc.). Issues of notation and performance of rhythm.

8. Rhythm in the works of Lithuanian and Baltic region composers.

Paper proposals (abstract together with a short biography) should be sent to Mr. Marius Baranauskas: . The abstract must not exceed 500 words. The duration of papers will be limited to 20 minutes.

The deadline for proposal submissions is June 14, 2013. The proposals will be reviewed by members of the scientific committee and all applicants will be notified of the outcome in the end of June 2013.

The main language of the conference is English.

The material of the conference will be published.

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