South African Jazz Cultures

South African Jazz Cultures: Indaba / discussion day

20 April 2013, Centre for Modern Studies and Department of Music, University of York.



The South African Jazz Cultures indaba / discussion day is an interdisciplinary forum structured around five presentations and a round table. Contributions from academics (Eato, Pyper), filmmakers (Kaganof), heritage practitioners (Temple, Huntley), musicians (Abdul-Rahim, Brubeck, Moholo-Moholo), and Hazel Miller of Ogun Records will invite discussion on a range of issues broadly framed by the idea of South African jazz cultures. The day will bring together thinking on a range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Artistic heritage in post-authoritarian, post-censorship societies
  • The artist in exile
  • Vernacular intellectuals
  • Informal / underground knowledge transfer structures
  • Artistic modes of resistance


Website and Further Information




[09:00-09:35 registration / coffee]

09:35-09:45 Welcome

09:45-10:45 Presentation and discussion 1: Brett Pyper ‘Listening to jazz in a transitioning South Africa’
10:45-11.30 Presentation and discussion 2: Matthew Temple ‘Hidden Heritages’

[11:30-12:00 coffee]

12:00-13:00 In conversation: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim and Louis Moholo-Moholo ‘On working with Mbizo Johnny Dyani’

[13:00-14:00 lunch]


14:00-15:30 Roundtable: Emmanuel Abdul-Rahim, Darius Brubeck, Louis Moholo-Moholo, Hazel Miller, Brett Pyper, Matthew Temple (facilitator, Jonathan Eato)

[15:30-16:00 coffee]

16:00-17:00 Presentation and discussion 3: Jonathan Eato ‘Unheard Music, Unseen Images: recordings and photographs from the Ian Bruce Huntley archive’

17:00-18:30 Film and closing discussion: Aryan Kaganof ‘The Legacy’.



Registration is free (but essential). Please email by 15 April 2013


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