Studying the ‘Tonal’ Avant-Garde: Methodologies of Twentieth-Century Music, 1900-1960 RMA Postgraduate Study Day

Saturday 22 June 2013, Keele University

This study day is focused on methodologies of twentieth-century tonal music. It takes place in the context of a Poulenc conference, although the scope of the study day extends well beyond this composer to address selected methodologies that engage with recent musicological debates. The Study Day will take the form of four workshop sessions on the following themes:
1. Gender/camp theory
2. Musical geographies
3. Analytical approaches
4. Archival study
Each workshop will be facilitated by recognised scholars working in these areas, including Dr. Christopher Moore (University of Ottawa), Dr Jonathan Hicks (University of Oxford), Professor Deborah Mawer (Lancaster University, Dr. Philippe Cathé (Université de Paris, Sorbonne), Geoff Thomason (RNCM) and Dr. Sylvie Douche (Université de Paris, Sorbonne).
Postgraduate students are invited to submit a proposal for 5-minute presentations on one of the topics listed above in no more than 150 words, indicating how it relates to their research topic. The short papers will contribute to a wide-ranging discussion on the topic, with plenty of opportunities for dialogue and debate. They will be encouraged to attend the other workshops and any of the sessions of the Poulenc conference. The Study Day will take advantage of the presence of so many international scholars who will be visiting Keele that weekend.
The Study Day is interdisciplinary in nature and will unite colleagues from sub-disciplines of music studies and across the humanities and social sciences. The aim is to stimulate discussion about how postgraduate work engages with analysis, current theory and archives in scholarly and creative ways. The final workshop enables participants to explore the borders between sub-disciplinary categories, artificial divisions that are sometimes exacerbated by sub-disciplinary societies, university curricula and departmental organisation. With this in mind, the Study Day is a collaboration between the Royal Musical Association and the Society for Music Analysis.
Workshop website:
Proposals should be sent to Jessica Beck: by the extended deadline of Friday 26 April 2013.
Postgraduate organising committee: Jessica Beck, Becky Thumpston, Peter Dear, Tatiana Wood and Barbara Kelly (Keele University)

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