Translating Music: Launch event, Mapping Music

Opening Seminar to the AHRC development network: Mapping Music

26 June 2013: 5.45 – 9.30 pm, Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1

About the project:

‘Translating Music’ is an AHRC-funded international network project led by Lucile Desblache (University of Roehampton, project coordinator), Helen Julia Minors (Kingston University) and Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata, Italy) which aims to contribute to new developments in the translation of musical texts.

Exploring the interpersonal, intercultural, intralinguistic and interlinguistic bridges on which music and translation intersect, it examines how words linked to music are currently translated and what is needed to improve the provision of such translation, within, but also beyond lyrics. Initially set to map how translation is provided across a range of genres from film to advertising, it plans to focus more specifically on opera, which has led the way successful translation provision to multilingual, audiences and often appeals to an older public with some level of hearing or visual impairment. As opera companies have been pioneers in this domain, we will ask the question how they can influence best practices in translation provision across genres and media platforms.

This project is structured around a dozen events, in London and in Macerata. Seminars, public performances and a symposium will make it possible to take stock of the current provision of translation in the music industry today, create an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas on the latest developments regarding the translation and adaptation of contemporary musical texts, with a view to establishing a long-lasting international network.

Launch event schedule.

6.15: Tea/coffee

Welcome by the AHRC Network Team: Lucile Desblache (University of Roehampton), Helen Julia Minors (Kingston University) and Elena Di Giovanni (University of Macerata, Italy).

6.15-6.30: Musical Prelude and Introduction to the network
(Karine Chevalier and network researchers)

6.30-7.45: Surtitling Today (Judi Palmer, Royal Opera house)

Making Music Accessible (Mark Harrison, MTV UK and Ireland)

Song Localisation in advertising (Raffaella Vota, Tag Worldwide)

7.45-8: Convenience break

8-8.45: Film Music and Translation (Nahima Ait- Bouzalim and Nefeli Antonopoulou, Deluxe Media)

8.45-9.30: Wine Reception

To book visit see future events.
All events are free but booking is compulsory.
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