III Symposium on the Paradigms of Teaching Musical Instruments in the 21th Century

Department of Music – University of Evora (Portugal)
5-7 December 2013

Call for Papers
To some extent education shapes personalities and aesthetic values. In arts education it is common to observe a mismatch between what is taught and contemporary production. A good example of this is generally found in music education, and in particular the teaching of the musical instrument. Many techniques, methods and repertoire which are used today for teaching an instrument are the same that were used over one hundred years ago. Aware that music education institutions – as any institution – tend to react slowly to the changes and progress of the overall music creation outside the academia, we need to constantly measure our educational tools, so that what we truly teach represents where we come from and prepares and envisions artistic possibilities for the future. In order to discuss and contextualize these issues, this symposium welcomes article presentations and workshops related to the topic of instrument teaching covering three broad chronological periods: (1) an overview of the past, (2) the present, and (3) the future. Thus, for each of these chronological periods, work can be presented from different areas of research, such as: historical musicology, performance practice, composition/repertoire, pedagogy (e.g. methods and techniques; the teaching of ‘old’ or new instruments), ‘new musicology’ (e.g. gender studies and ‘new’ music styles), and music technology.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Professor Lucy Green (Institute of Education, University of London, UK)
Professor Maravillas Diaz (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain)

Relevant information and deadlines:
-Official languages of the Symposium are Portuguese, English and Spanish
-Article presentation proposals (20 min.) containing title, name of author(s), small bio(s), and abstract (max. 350 words), should be sent until August 31st to stmi@uevora.pt
-Workshops proposals (50 min.) containing title, name of instructor/facilitator, small bio, and explanatory note of the workshop (max. 500 words), should be sent until August 31st to stmi@uevora.pt
-Acceptance of proposals will be announced by September 15th
-Registration of accepted proposals will take place between September 15th and September 30th upon payment of a registration fee of 60€ (euros).
-Further information and details will be announced in due time at: http://www.unimem.uevora.pt/site/
-General inquires: stmi@uevora.pt

Symposium Chair:
Eduardo Lopes (University of Evora)

Research Line in Music Education (UnIMeM)
UnIMeM – Research Unit in Music and Musicology
University of Evora

Scientific Committee:
Benoît Gibson (University of Evora)
Christopher Bochmann (University of Evora)
Eduardo Lopes (University of Evora)
Paulo Gaspar (Lisbon Superior School of Music)
Paulo Vaz de Carvalho (University of Aveiro)
Roberto Perez (Lisbon Superior School of Music)
Vasco Negreiros (University of Aveiro)

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