Crosscurrents in Music and Theology

Call for Papers [deadline: September 1st 2013]

Date: Friday December 6, 2013


Venue: Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield University, UK

The disciplines of Music and Theology and closely linked. ‘Music is an outstanding gift of God and next to theology.’ So said the German theologian and Reformer Martin Luther in 1538. Musicians as diverse as JS Bach, Olivier Messiaen, and John Coltrane have invoked Theology in their work.

This one day-conference, co-hosted by Sheffield University and the Royal Musical Association, seeks to build on the rich heritage of interdisciplinary existence by exploring the rich variety of crosscurrents that are currently evident between Music and Theology.

We are excited to welcome two keynote speakers, and are inviting submissions for papers on relevant topics.

We invite a range of papers to be delivered, in any related area, but especially in the following four broad areas that reflect the contours of current interdisciplinary research:

· Theological engagement with the Arts

· Music, Liturgy and Worship

· Musicology and Theology

· Education, Creation and Vocation

Please send abstracts (200 words/20 minutes) to George Parsons ( for consideration by the conference committee by September 1st 2013.

More information, as well as a more detailed Call for Papers, can be accessed via the above weblink.

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