Negotiating Music: Utrecht Early Music Festival Symposium 2013

STIMU Symposium 2013: Negotiating Music
Utrecht Early Music Festival/Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht
30 August-1 September 2013
Senaatzaal, Academiegebouw, Domplein 29, Utrecht
The Peace of Utrecht in 1713 created a new European balance of power, not with weapons, but through negotiation. 1713 also marked the beginnings of a new type of music criticism advocating a mixed, European style of music which unified the various “national” styles crystallized during the preceding decades. This symposium explores the varieties of musical negotiation from the beginning of the Thirty Years War until the Treaty of Utrecht which led to the symbolic unification of music. Until that moment continual warfare had seriously impeded music’s mobility. But travel could be negotiated: exile, marriage, and diplomatic alliances broken and renewed encouraged new exchanges of music and ideas.
Guest curator Rebekah Ahrendt (Yale) has constructed a programme focusing on the roles of music and musicians in international relations, with Constantijn Huygens as a model. The celebrations related to the Treaty of Utrecht, as well as musicians who served as diplomats, like Atto Melani and Agostino Steffani, will also be addressed.
Speakers: Colin Timms, Jennifer Thorp, Anna Tedesco, Louise K. Stein, Robert Rawson, Barbara Nestola, Peter Leech, Anne-Madeleine Goulet, Roger Freitas, Claire Fontijn, Alison DeSimone, Scott Edwards, Rebekah Ahrendt.

For the full programme and information on attendance, visit: (in Dutch) (in English)

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