Music and Technologies

Welcome to the 3rd International and Interdisciplinary Conference
MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGIES which will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania,
14-16 November 2013.
Conference is organized by Department of Audiovisual Art Technologies, Faculty of Humanities, Kaunas University of Technology. We hope that this conference will extend the ideas and geography of the participants in the interdisciplinary music community such as CIM (Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology) or ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval) and also enlarge discussions in the field of music technologies.

Keynote speakers of MT-2013 are:
Franco FABBRI (University of Milano, Italy)
Paulo CHAGAS (University of California, Riverside, USA)

The main themes of the conference cover the general aspects of music as an object
for the interdisciplinary research and include music composition, performance,
analysis, perception, and cognition. The interdisciplinary combination of humanities
/ sciences / technologies should be the focus of your presentation. Participants are
invited to deliver a 20 minutes talk (plus 10 minutes for discussion), poster
presentation, or demonstration of software/hardware.

Deadline for abstracts: 1 October 2013
WEB site of a conference:

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