Corelli als Modell

Fachhoschschule Nordwestschweiz / Musik-Akademie Basel

Corelli als Modell.

Internationales Symposium der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Basel, 5. – 7. December 2013

Musik-Akademie, Neuer Saal

The program is to find here:,?PHPSESSID=eb32d122551ff819c90958a511859550

On the occasion of the tercentenary of the death of Archangelo Corelli, the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis will host a Symposium devoted to the historical figure of this composer and violinist, whose music was accepted as the stylistic and formal reference point for instrumental music already by his own contemporaries, and was adopted as a didactic-compositional model by subsequent generations. The reception which Corelli’s works enjoyed, from the moment they first appeared, is a phenomenon that still astounds, and that invites reflection on the significance of the composer’s works, both on the esthetic-compositional and music-historical planes, and particularly on the exemplary value that his music acquired—by which it ultimately came to represent an internationally recognized canon—in didactic terms if in no other—up to our own time.

It is the aim of this Symposium to further  deeper inquiry into the “exemplarity” of the Corellian model as perceived and received by contemporaries and subsequent generations, to bring together studies on specific aspects of his compositional style, within the context of the various local and regional instrumental traditions in Italy and Europe, and to address issues related to the performance of Corelli’s music, involving manifold practical and performative aspects that are of particular interest in an institution such as the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. The focus of the conference admits a variety of contributions on the historical figure of Corelli and on the reception and historical influence of his music—music whose richness and enduring significance are powerfully emblematized by the three-hundred years that have elapsed since his death .

Partecipants: Prof. Dr. Renata Ago (Roma), Prof. Dr. Gregory Barnett (Houston, TX), Prof. Dr. Clive Brown (Leeds), Prof. Jesper Christensen (Basel), Nicola Cumer (Basel), Dr. Antonella D’Ovidio (Firenze), Prof. Dr. Andrew Hopkins (L’Aquila), Barbara Leitherer (Basel), Dr. Guido Olivieri (Austin, TX), Prof. Dr. Johannes Menke (Basel), Dr. Alexandra Nigito (Basel), Alessandro Palmeri (Verbania), Dr. Agnese Pavanello (Basel), Prof. Dr. Dominik Sackmann (Zürich), Dr. Alberto Sanna (Liverpool), Prof. Dr. Cristina Urchueguìa (Bern). Prof. Dr. Neal Zaslaw (Ithaca, NY).


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