Doctors in Performance

The first festival conference of music performance and artistic research
University of the Arts Helsinki–Sibelius Academy
Helsinki Music Centre, Sept. 4–5, 2014
Organizer: DocMus Doctoral School

The DocMus Doctoral School at the Sibelius Academy Helsinki invites artistic research performers at doctoral and post-doctoral levels to take part in the first
festival conference of music performance and artistic research.
Keynote performers:

Laurence Dreyfus, PhD (Columbia), Diplôme Supérieur (Brussels), Hon RAM, FBA, D.Litt (Oxon)

Matti Raekallio, DMus (Sibelius Academy), Pianist, Professor at Juilliard School (NY)

Since 1988, Sibelius Academy has offered a doctoral degree through its Arts Study Program, where the main focus of study is on independent artistic work. This means that after their master’s degrees, musicians can still continue to develop the very essence of their skills—their artistic work. Through their studies, artistic doctoral students also develop their skills in the field of artistic research, but this never suppresses the artistic focus, the actual music making. The organizer of the festival conference, the DocMus Doctoral School, has for more than two decades acted as a pioneer agent in developing the artistic Doctor of Music degree in Europe.

In September 2014, doctoral students working in the fields of musical performance and practice-based or artistic research (in music; Western art music, jazz, folk music) are invited to participate in a new festival conference, Doctors in Performance. In general, conferences with an actual performance focus are rare if not non-existent. Instead of exclusively introducing paper presentations or having live performances as a curiosity or mere decoration, Doctors in Performance highlights the music itself. Therefore, each of the presentations will consist of a musical performance (solo or chamber music) of 40 minutes maximum. The performance can take the form of a recital or a concert lecture. The music performed is expected to include or relate closely to the contents of the doctoral degree the student is pursuing. Those who have already achieved their doctoral degrees can focus on their postdoctoral topics. A paper presentation on artistic research (20 minutes maximum) is also possible in the auditorium sessions (only an upright piano will be available).

Forms for presentations:

a) recital, 40’ (+ 10’ discussion)
b) concert lecture, 40’ (+ 10’ discussion)
c) paper presentation, 20’(+ 5’ discussion)

Doctors in Performance will offer three halls for recitals and an auditorium for paper presentations. See links about the available halls:

The Camerata Hall of Helsinki Music Centre
The Organo Hall of Helsinki Music Centre (organ, harpsichord available)
The Black Box of Helsinki Music Centre
The Auditorium of Helsinki Music Centre

A grand piano, three organs and a harpsichord are available for performers. Also a limited set of percussion instruments will be available. The festival prefers programmes with small percussion sets.

Conference proceedings for Doctors in Performance will be published in advance on the conference website and in print. This will serve as a concert programme as well as provide background information about the participants and their research topics. The applicants are therefore encouraged to include written comments discussing how their artistic and other research work support each other and towards which common goal they are directed.
The proposal must be accompanied by

– a detailed program of the recital (not more than 40 minutes): composers, work titles, composition years, opus numbers)
– a written summary of the student’s doctoral degree studies and research topics (500 words maximum)
– curriculum vitae and contact information
– equipment needed for performances and presentations (all instruments, data projectors, etc.)

Please, fill in the on-line submission form and submit it as instructed in the conference site. The submission time is 15th January – 1st March 2014. The link to the site is here.

The proposals will be peer-reviewed anonymously. Successful contributors will be notified via email by 1st May 2014.

Organising Committee

Kari Kurkela, Vice Dean of Sibelius Academy
Tuire Kuusi, Director of the DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson, Assistant Director of the DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
Anne Sivuoja-Kauppala, Professor of of Performance Research, DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
Kati Hämäläinen, Assistant Professor, DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
Margit Rahkonen, Lecturer in Piano Music, DocMus Doctoral, School Sibelius Academy
Anu Vehviläinen, Assistant Professor, DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy
Markus Kuikka, Coordinator of Advanced Study, DocMus Doctoral School, Sibelius Academy

For further information, please contact:

Anu Vehviläinen, DMus, Pianist, Assistant Professor, anu(at)
Markus Kuikka, DMus, Doctoral Study Coordinator, markus.kuikka(at)

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