Pietro Marchitelli, Michele Mascitti, And Neapolitan Instrumental Music

International Conference

Villa Santa Maria (Chieti), 24 – 26 November 2014

Call for papers

Istituto Abruzzese di Storia Musicale (L’Aquila – Teramo), Comune di Villa Santa Maria (Chieti), Grandezze & Meraviglie, Festival Musicale Estense (Modena), in collaboration with the Butler School of Music – The University of Texas at Austin.

Between the end of the 17th and the first decades of the 18th century Naples was again fully in charge as the capital city of the Kingdom. An impressive phenomenon of internal emigration characterizes the period, and in terms of musical life, Naples became a magnet for the uninterrupted flow of citizens from all parts of the Kingdom who were moving to the capital to begin their education in one of the four prestigious music conservatories, or to seek employment and opportunities for social improvement in the various flourishing civic institutions. During that period a spectacular blooming of Neapolitan instrumental music occurred, which often received a strong impulse through the activity of such musical personalities from the Abruzzo region as Pietro Marchitelli, Michele Mascitti, the Sabatinos, and many other musicians and composers originating from every corner of the Kingdom. It was also thanks to these great musical personalities that Neapolitan instrumental music received such an important European distribution during the first quarter of the 18th century, in many cases even well before a similar diffusion happened with the vocal repertoire.

Objectives of the conference are both to explore the life, works, and influence (in a European perspective) Marchitelli and Mascitti had on Neapolitan instrumental music, and to shed light on other specific figures of the period, and on the circulation of Neapolitan music and musicians. Although preference will be given to papers dealing with these two major topics, the scientific committee also invites proposals concerning other aspects of Neapolitan music, including the relationship between musical patronage and production, reciprocal influences between instrumental and vocal music, instrument making, and aspects of performance practice.

Another goal is also to create study groups to start up a long-term project for the publication of critical editions of the compositions of Michele Mascitti and Pietro Marchitelli, and more in general for systematic research on the various aspects of the production and performance of Neapolitan instrumental music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The scientific committee, created two years ago for the organization of the Congresso Arcomelo 2013 (Enrico Gatti, Marc Vanscheeuwijck, Guido Olivieri, Agnese Pavanello, and Francesco Zimei) invites paper proposals through submission of an abstract.

The (anonymous) abstract should include the title of the paper and a text of maximum 250 words, and indicate the topic and/or thesis, the state of research, the principal sources used, and a statement on the relevance and originality of the contribution.

In a separate file, please indicate the paper title, first and last name of the author, e-mail address, and provide a short one-page CV.

The abstract and additional file should be sent as an attachment to arcomelo2013@gmail.com by 30 May 2014.

The organization will host all presenters for the entire duration of the conference.

Papers should not exceed 25 minutes in order to allow for discussion.

We expect a peer-reviewed publication of the proceedings. At the end of the conference presenters will be asked to provide a Word file including the complete text of their paper in the format that will be communicated in detail when the scientific committee has completed the selection of papers. After the conference presenters will have 60 days for corrections and modifications before we proceed to the editorial work of the proceedings.