Symposium: Early Music Revivals and their Neoclassical Echoes (1870-1970)

11-12 September 2014
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne

The revival of pre-classical musics in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries opened up a panorama of new musical experiences, both in repertoire and performance style. Often aligned with national agendas and presented as a reaction against musical Romanticism, these revivals also had a profound impact on the creation of new music and debates on aesthetics and musical style, most notably in relation to musical neoclassicism. Coinciding with the arrival of the archives of Éditions de l’Oiseau-Lyre at the University of Melbourne, this symposium seeks to explore the phenomenon of early music revivals and their influence on musical life, thought and practice between 1870 and 1970.
Papers may address topics relating to the following areas:

  • Early music revivals in the context of musical nationalism
  • Musical neoclassicism and its complex relationship with early music, including issues of musical style, aesthetics and performance practice
  • Post-Romantic theatre and the staging of early music
  • Critical reception of early music
  • Early music revivals, neoclassicism and the visual arts
  • Period films and their projections of early music
  • Instrument revivals and new sonorities associated with early music and neoclassical repertoire

The symposium will include a concert given by Spanish harpsichordist Luisa Morales and postgraduate students of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, featuring repertoire by Domenico Scarlatti, François Couperin and Manuel de Falla.

Please submit a 200-word abstract to Michael Christoforidis (email: by Monday 31 March 2014.

Acceptance of papers will be advised by Monday 21 April 2014.

Michael Christoforidis and
Elizabeth Kertesz
(Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne)