South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM) Eighth Annual Congress

Invitation and Call for Papers


University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 12-14 September 2014

SASRIM cordially invites you to its 2014 annual congress to be held at the University of the Witwatersrand.

The keynote speaker will be well-known music education specialist Lucy Green from the Institute of Education at the University of London.

Submissions are invited on any research related to music. Presentations will be accepted solely on the basis of their quality, and not on their subject matter or approach. SASRIM hopes that the conference in this way will stimulate the submission of a wide variety of proposals, including those that may cross the boundaries of conventionally segregated disciplines and thereby offer new perspectives.

We extend a special invitation to students to submit proposals and use the conference as a forum for networking and their development. Students whose proposals are accepted may apply to SASRIM for limited financial support.

SASRIM invites proposals for

  • papers (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for response)
  • lecture-demonstrations (45 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for response)
  • panel discussions (45 minutes for presentations and 15 minutes for responses)
  • study group sessions (90 minutes, i.e. 3 presentations by different presenters and responses)
  • poster sessions

Proposals for all presentations, lecture-demonstrations and poster sessions must include

  • an abstract with title (maximum 300 words)
  • biographical information and contact detail of presenter(s) (maximum 50 words)
  • audio-visual or display requirements

Proposals for panel discussions and study group sessions must include

  • an explanation of the topic and a structure for its discussion (maximum 400 words)
  • a list of all members as well as their institutional affiliation and contact details
  • audio-visual requirements

Proposals must be submitted to by no later than 15 April 2013.

Lucy Green is Professor of Music Education, Institute of Education, University of London. She is a leading music education specialist, with a focus on the philosophy and sociology of music education, particularly musical identities. She is the author of five single-author books and her work has significantly influenced the thinking about musical learning and pedagogy,  particularly how the learning practices of popular musicians can inform and change formal learning (e.g. Music, Informal Learning and the School and How Popular Musicians Learn).

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