Music under German Occupation, 1938 -1945: Complicity and Resistance

International Conference:  Music under German Occupation, 1938 -1945: Complicity and Resistance

University of Manchester:    30 March – 1 April, 2015

Conference convenors:  Joanne Bolland (University of Manchester), Erik Levi (Royal Holloway, University of London), David Fanning (University of Manchester)

Conference committee: David Fanning (University of Manchester), Erik Levi (RHUL), Nanette Nielsen (University of Nottingham), M. J. Grant (University of Göttingen), Joanne Bolland (University of Manchester)


Call for Papers


The University of Manchester and Royal Holloway, University of London invite   proposals for papers to be delivered at an International Conference concerning Music in German-Occupied Nations from1938 to 1945.


Following on from their entry into Austria and the Sudetenland in the late 1930s, the Germans pursued a policy of cultural imperialism in the countries they occupied during the Second World War. As a result, almost all music institutions in the occupied lands came under direct German control, or were subject to severe scrutiny and censorship from the occupying forces. It remains a moot point as to what extent Nazi policies infiltrated the musical fabric of these nations and how effectively musicians complied with, or resisted such impositions.


The conference proposes to explore these issues, as well as consider the degree to which German cultural imperialism impacted upon countries that were part of the Axis (Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia), had established close diplomatic relations with Germany (Spain, Portugal and from 1939 to 1941, the Soviet Union) or ostensibly remained neutral (Sweden, Switzerland and Finland) during this period. In addition, we hope to reflect on the post-war implications of German occupation on the musical environment in Europe.


Proposals (no more than 200 words) on these and other related topics should be submitted to Joanne Bolland  no later than 31st October 2014.


Results will be announced mid-November and a full programme will be published at the beginning of December.