Operatic Geographies, Urban Identities

Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, 18-19 September 2014

Convenor: Suzanne Aspden, University of Oxford
Contact: ogui@music.ox.ac.uk
We have long recognised opera’s role in shaping cultural identities. But, despite opera’s obvious dramatisation of its cultural and (on occasions) physical environment, we have largely ignored the way in which its cultural work intersects with the urban geography it usually inhabits. Indeed, given opera’s inherent association with the growth – and growing importance – of urban life, developing an understanding of the genre through the lens of cultural geography seems vital work.  This conference will examine the genre’s interaction with its cultural and (largely urban) physical environment over the 400 years of its existence in Europe, and its expansion across the globe, considering in particular how changes in genre and environment have intersected.
Registration: £35, £15 student/unwaged