Psallite Domino: Sacred Music and Liturgical Reform after Vatican II

Psallite Domino: Sacred Music and Liturgical Reform after Vatican II


Date: Saturday 20th June 2015

Location: Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool, UK

Conference organisers: Prof. Tassilo Erhardt ( and Dr Christopher McElroy (

Conferences website:


Featured speakers:

Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB (Alexander Jones Professor of Biblical Studies, Liverpool Hope University)

Martin Baker (Master of Music, Westminster Cathedral)





‘Whether this Council will count in the end as one of the highlights of Church history will depend on the people who translate its words into terms of real life. What is at issue for Catholic theology, therefore, is not the Council in itself. What is in question is the interpretation and reception of the Council. The dispute is about this and this alone.’  Walter Kasper, Theology and Church


Hosted by Liverpool Hope University and taking place at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral during the year of the 50th anniversary of the closing of Vatican II, this conference will broadly examine the reception, interpretation, and practical realisation of Vatican II as it related to sacred music. The aim of the conference is to bring both academics and practitioners together (the ‘people who translate its words into terms of real life’) to explore this important area, to find common ground, and discuss the way ahead.


Proposals for individual papers (20 minutes) or round-table discussions (lasting 1 hour: 3-5 participants) are particularly invited around the following themes:

–          Sacrosanctum Concilium and sacred musicEcumenical aspects of the reception of Vatican II

–          Post-conciliar composers, composition, and hymnody

–          The role of sacred music in worship today

–          The choir in Roman Catholic liturgy today

–          The contribution of higher education to sacred music

–          Sacred music in practice: case studies of music in parishes/cathedrals.


Proposals are also welcomed for practical sessions and poster presentations.


Electronic copies of abstracts (300 words/ 400 for round table discussions) should be submitted via the conference website to the conference organisers. Presenters will be chosen by the conference committee. The committee will be seeking abstracts that best address the central themes of the conference. Selected papers may be invited for inclusion in a projected volume to be based upon the conference proceedings. Abstract submissions are due by March 28th, 2015 and acceptances will be made by April 17th 2015.