Working on Composers’ Collected Works

IMS regional association of Eastern European countries
Russian Institute of Art History
St Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music
Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING”

International symposium
September, 2-6, 2015, St Petersburg (Russia)

Call for Papers

At any given point in history, the creation of a composer’s Collected Works testifies to current musicological practices, and reflect the extent of knowledge about the composer, their biography, working practices and creative environment. All these component parts of a composer’s creative legacy – historical, cultural, social and practical – mutually inform and shape each other. This five-day international symposium, convened by the IMS regional association of Eastern European countries and hosted by the Russian Institute of Art History and the St Petersburg Institute of Fine Arts, takes as its central theme the aesthetic and scholarly practices involved in creating new critical editions. Alongside the two IMS study groups on Russian and East European music (Shostakovich and his Epoch and Stravinsky Between East and West), there will be a panel devoted to Tchaikovsky and a keynote lecture series.
Proposals for papers and panels on other composers are invited and to be sent before February, 28.

Organizing committee:
Dr Liudmila Kovnatskaya (chair), Prof of the St Petersburg State Conservatory, Leading researcher of the State Institute of Fine Arts (St Petersburg);
Dr Elena Tretiakova, deputy rector of St Petersburg State Academy of Theatre, director of the Russian Institute of Art History St Petersburg.
Dr Lidia Ader, senior researcher of the Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-Apartment;
Dr Tamara Skvirskaya, head of Manuscript department of the Academic library in St. Petersburg State Conservatory;
Dr Natalia Braginskaya, assistant professor, head of the History of western music department, dean of Musicology department of St. Petersburg State Conservatory;
Dr Olga Digonskaya, senior researcher of the the Glinka national museum consortium of Musical Culture and the Archive of Dmitry Shostakovich in Moscow;
Dr Galina Petrova, academic secretary of the Russian Institute of Art History (St Petersburg);
Dr Anna Porfirieva, head of the Music department of the Russian Institute of Art History (St Petersburg);
Dr Dmitry Schumilin, deputy director of the Russian Institute of Art History (St Petersburg)

The languages of the symposium are English and Russian.
Free papers should not exceed 30 minutes plus 10 minutes are reserved for discussions.
Free paper abstracts of 200 words as well as biographies of participants of 100 words should be sent to Lidia Ader to by March, 15, 2015.
The letter of acceptance will be sent by March, 30, 2015.

The symposium is planned within the cultural background of St Petersburg and will be held in the historical center. All participants will be offered excursions to places of interest by experts in this sphere, professors of the Universities and Institutes.
The Institute will be able to provide free accommodation to a few participants and suggest some hotel options with a generous discount.

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