Musicological conference on the 90th birthday of György Kurtág

June 2-3, 2016 Budapest, Archives and Research Group for 20th-21st Century Hungarian Music, Institute of Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

György Kurtág, born in Lugos (Lugoj, Romania) in 1926, has been one of the most appreciated Hungarian composers and influential teachers of chamber music worldwide since the 1980s. His oeuvre comprises vocal pieces, orchestral and chamber music, and choruses: this rich output expressing his personal commitments and his individual interpretation of the whole music history affects listeners immediately. His works and personality have greatly influenced composers, performers, interpreters and musicologists of different generations and nations. The planned conference aims at paying tribute to him by analyzing his oeuvre, interpreting his life events and scrutinizing the cultural and national context he has worked in based on primary and secondary sources. We invite proposals for papers reflecting on the composer’s whole oeuvre and personality.

Proposals are invited for individual papers of 20-minute-duration. The proposals including the title and abstract of the paper (max. 250 words), and a short biographical note should be submitted as an attached word file by e-mail to the conference organizers at by September 15 2015. Please include contact details and institutional affiliation (if any), along with details of anticipated AV requirements. The conference language will be English.


Conference organizers

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Péter Halász (

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