Music and Ecology

Symposium and concerts in Ljubljana, 28-29 August 2015

Since 2011, when the inauguration of the stay of the Secretariat of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) in Slovenia was marked by a symposium and a series of concerts titled Encounters Between Traditional Music and Dance and European Musical Culture in Various Places and at Various Times, comparable events with specific thematic frames have taken place in Slovenia’s capital in every August. The events were co-organized by six participating institutions (Imago Sloveniae, Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, International Council for Traditional Music, Cultural and Ethnomusicological Society Folk Slovenia, Institute of Ethnomusicology SRC SASA, and Radio Slovenia) and were titled Whither Accordion? (2012), Music and Protest (2013), and Music and Otherness (2014).

The theme of the 2015 symposium and accompanying concerts and workshops will be Music and Ecology. While reflecting the growing interest in sound perception in regard to the relationships between people and their environments, it will provide a much needed opportunity for discussion about ecological strategies, environmental planning, heritage politics, and activism from the perspective of music and sound. Presentations will address music and sound in our everyday environments, sound pollution, historical and contemporary cases of sound policy control, and the roles of music and sound in revealing implicit discrimination and exclusion, but also inclusion and multiculturalism. Some basic notions to be considered by the presenters include:

Nature, pollution, and ecology in music and in musical scholarship


Music and sustainable development

Empowerment and applied ethnomusicology


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle in music

The event will be part of the 27th Festival Nights in the Old Ljubljana Town. The invited keynote speakers will be Huib Schippers (Griffith University, Australia) and Kjell Skyllstad (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand).

The following presentation formats are invited: individual paper, organized session, film, workshop, concert demonstration.

The deadline for receiving 250-word-long abstracts is 15 June 2015. The following information should be sent to full name, institution, contact information, and abstract text in English.

Registration fee per person: 30 Euros.

Programme Committee: Svanibor Pettan, Janoš Kern, Teja Klobčar, Mojca Kovačič, Carlos Yoder.