iFIMPaC 2016

In celebration of Leeds College of Music’s 50th Anniversary IFAI presents iFIMPaC 2016.

Thursday, 10 March 2016 and Friday, 11 March 2016

Keynote speakers and performers to be announced soon.

The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition is a metropolitan festival and takes place at Leeds College of Music and venues around the City of Leeds.

The festival creates a unique environment for composers, producers, performers, academics and students to perform and discuss their compositional/production work as practice-led research. This year’s event will continue its association with Nonclassical where we will be running a Nonclassical club night.

Concerts and events
Submissions will be selected for either:
  • Concert hall with diffusion rig and projection
  • ‘Nonclassical’ club night event curated by Gabriel Prokofiev
  • ‘Off The Beaten Track’ evening event curated by Matthew Bourne

The following is not meant to be an exhaustive list and submissions may fit more than one of the daytime or evening events. As a guide we welcome:

Nonclassical (New Music: amplified acoustic music; electronic/electric sets)
  • Live Music embracing hybridity/plurality as part of the composition process
  • Solo instrument/small ensemble with live electronics*
  • Improvised sets
  • Experimental DJ sets
  • Live Coding
Off the Beaten Track (electronic, acoustic or mixed)
  • Experimental DJ sets
  • Laptop improvisation/live coding
  • Left Field Improvisation/Jazz
  • Solo instrument/small ensemble and live electronics*
  • Club music (electronic music influenced by pop, IDM and electronica)
  • Live IDM

For ‘Nonclassical’ and ‘Off the Beaten Track’ events we are happy to consider music that does not fall into the above categories and escapes definition.

Electroacoustic and Audio-Visual Concerts
  • Stereo acousmatic music for diffusion
  • Interdisciplinary work that includes sound/music
  • Multichannel pieces (5.1 and up to 8 channels + LFE)
  • Multimedia/Audio Visual pieces (including installations)
  • Solo instrument and fixed medium and/or live electronics*

*we may be able to supply performers in some instances, but you should consider acquiring your own performers as iFIMPaC’s budget is small.

50 second Audio-Visual pieces (as part of the celebration for the conservatoire’s 50th Anniversary)
  • 50 second audio visual works to be played as part of an installation (must be precisely 50 seconds)**
  • Format (MOV or MP4); H264 video codec; ACC audio codec (stereo); between 720 and 1080p

**selected 50 second video works will be played back-to-back as part of an audio-visual installation.


Papers and presentations

The following are welcome, but this is not an exhaustive list:

  • New Music: composition practice and plurality
  • ‘Shifting’ practices in electroacoustic music
  • Electroacoustic music and hybridity
  • Interdisciplinary practices
  • Electroacoustic music and analysis
  • Approaches to live coding
  • Unique interfaces and approaches to performance
  • Composition systems and techniques
  • The shifting relationships between spaces and places in music production practice
  • Dispersed creativity and how people are collaborating as a result of new technologies
  • Production analysis and innovative approaches: music technology in a commercial and/or academic settings

Preference will be given to topics that include interdisciplinary approaches that inform new insights into the creative applications of music technology, compositional methodology and/or production. Individual presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in duration (there will be a further five minutes for questions).



Successful applicants will need to register and pay a delegate fee in order to be programmed.

If your submission is successful, and is acousmatic, but you cannot attend, you will still need to register and pay the delegate fee. You may nominate an attendee to diffuse your work.

Registration fees are as follows:

Two days:

  • Single delegate £135
  • Institutional rate (up to four delegates) £340
  • Concessions* £60

One day:

  • Single delegate £75
  • Institutional rate (up to four delegates) £180
  • Concessions* £35

*concessions are for unemployed, OAPs and non-LCoM students who are not performing or presenting. Concessions are not available for participants.



The deadline for the submission of proposals is Monday, 16 November 2015.



Please submit your work here for iFIMPaC 2016: http://bit.ly/iFIMPaC2016

Any queries about a proposal or attending iFIMPaC should be directed to James Wilson.