Thomas Tallis: Chronology, Contexts, Discoveries

16th November, 10am-6:15pm
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Emblematically the servant of four monarchs, Tallis worked during the central decades of the sixteenth century, when the English Reformation entered a phase of turbulence. Although the compositional legacy of these years is extraordinarily rich and varied, its chronology is contestable, not least because so few of the manuscript sources date from Tallis’s lifetime (a general problem that affects both Latin and vernacular Tudor repertories). The question of chronology is further complicated (or enriched) by the stylistic impact of continental music imported into England, often through the medium of foreign printed collections. Supported by the AHRC-funded Tudor Partbooks research project, this Study Day focuses upon the dates and contexts of some key pieces of evidence: the antiphon Gaude gloriosa, the motet O sacrum convivium, the vernacular Litany of 1544, the anthem O Lord give thy holy spirit, and Tallis’s employment as organist at Dover Priory.

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