Shakespeare’s Music in France in the 19th-21st centuries

Shakespeare’s Music in France in the 19th-21st centuries, Metz, France 6-7 October 2016

This is a call for 20-mn papers for an interdisciplinary conference on Shakespeare’s musical afterlives in France, 19th-21st centuries. It will take place at the University of Lorraine, in Metz, France, on 6-7 October 2016. The conference is co-organized by French scholars in English Studies, Comparative Studies, Music History and Musicology. We hope to attract a wide variety of participants across the disciplines: literary and cultural scholars, musicologists, musicians, translators/adaptors, artistic directors, artists.
The rediscovery of Shakespeare in the 19th century kindled interest for musical adaptations of his work in France and abroad. The fascination of French musicians for Shakespeare’s drama and poetry since the mid-nineteenth century has flourished into a rich legacy with such major contributors as Hector Berlioz, Charles Gounod, Reynaldo Hahn, Ambroise Thomas, Gabriel Fauré, Jules Massenet, Pascal Dusapin, as well as choreographers. As Julie Sanders points out (Shakespeare and Music: Afterlives and Borrowings), music adapted from Shakespeare also came to involve increasingly elaborate strategies of adaptation and appropriation as well as a wealth of musical genres that ranges from jazz to opera, music-hall, ballet, and incidental music.
We invite papers on all aspects of Shakespeare’s music in France, with a preference for proposals addressing the theoretical concerns which underlie the selective transfer of Shakespeare’s texts into French musical culture.
Possible threads for paper proposals include, but are not limited to:
• Productions of French music based on Shakespeare, in France and abroad
• Significant contributions to Shakespeare’s musical legacy by minor French composers
• Musical analysis of individual musical works based on or inspired by Shakespeare
• The specificity of music adapted from or inspired by Shakespeare in the work of individual French composers
• The specificity of music adapted from or inspired by Shakespeare in the French musical production of a specific period
• Appropriations of Shakespeare in French choreography
• Translations and reworkings of Shakespeare in French librettos and lyrics
• The generic transformations of Shakespeare’s dramatic and poetic genres in French musical adaptations
• 20th- and 21st afterlives (including incidental music, film music, new media) with emphasis on privileged modes of adaptation
• Musical or choreographic reworkings of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Please send the title of your paper, a 250-300 word abstract in English or in French and a short biography (100 words) by 31st December 2015, to:

A selection of papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

Scientific committee
Claire Bardelmann, Senior Lecturer in English Studies, University of Lorraine
Jean-Christophe Branger, Professor of Music History, University of Lorraine
Pierre Degott, Professor of English Studies, University of Lorraine
Vincent Giroud, Professor of Comparative Studies in Literature, University of Franche-Comté
Jean-Philippe Heberlé, Professor of English Studies, University of Lorraine
Alban Ramaut, Professor of Musicology, University of Saint-Etienne
Frédéric Sounac, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Studies in Literature, University Toulouse 2