Working in Music: the Musicians’ Union (MU), musical labour and employment

Mitchell Library, Glasgow, 14-15 January 2016

Registration is now open for the ‘Working in Music’ conference, which marks the end of ‘The Musicians’ Union: A Social History’, a four year research project based at the University of Glasgow.

The conference features local and global perspectives on musical work from different disciplines, covering issues related to musicians as workers, musical practice, gender and representation, copyright and the music industries. Other papers deal specifically with the role of the MU and the conference will conclude with a panel discussion addressing the current issues facing the Union.

The keynote speakers are Matt Stahl (University of Western Ontario) and Catherine Tackley (The Open University). Matt’s subject is ‘Young Musicians, Old Beggars? American R&B and Soul Singers’ Late-Career Struggles for Union-Mandated Health Care and Pensions’. The title of Catherine’s talk is ‘‘Those who go down to the sea in ships, who do business on great waters’: Seafarers as Musicians, Musicians as Seafarers’.

For more on our keynote speakers and to read the full programme, please see our project website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Registration is now open at the early bird rate (£75/50) until 4 December; registration at the full rate (£100/75) closes 18 December. Register now at

Hope to see you in Glasgow!

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Musicians’ Union: A Social History

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