Porto International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface

Call for Papers:
Porto International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface

Conference info:
March 17–19, 2016
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Porto, Portugal

(CFP Deadline: DEC 27, 2015)
Keynote Speakers:

Atau Tanaka (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Lawrence Zbikowski (University of Chicago)
Marc Leman (Ghent University)
Marcelo Wanderley (McGill University)

Miguel Ribeiro Pereira (CITAR, and ESMAE/ Instituto Politécnico do Porto)

The Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR) at the Catholic University of Portugal invites the submission of proposals to the Porto International Conference onMusical Gesture as Creative Interface.

In recent interdisciplinary research, the notion of musical gesture has emerged as a crucial interface for a post-Cartesian understanding of all forms of human music making involved in the creation of the multifarious relations that arise between music and sound, mind and body, movement and meaning.

The conference welcomes approaches that might clarify and further explore the various functions of musical gestures, whether metaphorical as concepts underlying movement perception and the organization of musical experience, of control as elements of interactive and computational systems, or communicative as vehicles for meaning in social interactions. In particular, we seek contributions that might be able to bring into contact the various tensions and “divides” of the field, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies; pursuing humanistic/artistic, natural, social, or technological inquiries; or exploring relations between phenomenological, perceivable, interactive, and measurable accounts of musical gesture.

We invite scholars from various disciplines to contribute to this international conference. The language of the conference is English.
Proposed Topics
The proposed topics for the conference might be of interest to a variety of fields, including musicology, music theory, psychology, cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, social anthropology, among others.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

• Control, communication, and metaphorical functions of musical gesture
• Acquisition, tracking, recognition, and synthesis of gestures

• Listening and performance gestures as elements of musical analysis and experience

• Musical creativity, expression, and grammar

• Active listening, intention, agency, and narrativity

• Embodied music theory and cognition

• Social, philosophical, and cultural contexts of musical gestures

Submission guidelines

Please send abstracts (max. 500 words + max. 3 examples if appropriate), plus a short biographical note (max. 150 words), as a PDF file to the conference organizers no later than December 27, 2015, to the following email:


Notification of acceptance will be given by January 18, 2016.

The organization is unable to cover any expenses, but it may be able to offer combinations that include the conference fee, accommodation, and meals at special rates.
For further information, please contact: eventos@porto.ucp.pt