Falling Out of Line: An International Conference on Music and the Exceptional

“Falling Out of Line: An International Conference on Music and the Exceptional”

4-5 December, 2015
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria
All events take place at: Brandhofgasse 21, AULA, 8010 Graz

Are eccentricities a prerequisite for musical recognition? What traits define people as musically exceptional? What is the necessary background against which to frame musical exceptionalism? Where does one draw the line between the exceptional and the unremarkable? Who decides and why?

KEYNOTE 4 December, 18.00
Paul ATTINELLO, “The Rules of Exceptions: Being and Projecting Difference”

The Center for Gender Studies and the Institute for Music Aesthetics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz invite you to the conference, “Falling Out of Line: Music and the Exceptional.” In addition to the paper sessions, we also invite you to attend two special events on Saturday, a panel discussion on the theme “Music and AIDS” in collaboration with AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark, and a concert of works chosen from our Call for Performances.

The detailed program and information about registration, accommodation, traveling to/from Graz, and contacting the conference organizers appears on our website (above).


Anna Benedikt and Danielle Sofer
Conference Organizers