Musical Trouble: after Butler

Conference ‘Musical Trouble: after Butler’, Lisbon (Portugal), 4-5 December 2015 [MTAB 2015]

New University of Lisbon, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

In this conference (which will be the first of two meetings devoted to the subject), we intend to explore and discuss a set of issues and problems that should contribute to a multidisciplinary inquiry to the impact of the theoretical work of Judith Butler (as well of the research and knowledge networks on which she inscribes, or with which it coexists) in musicological studies since the publication of Gender Trouble, 25 years ago.

This meeting punctuates the third year of work of the NEGEM (Research Group in Gender and Music)/CESEM (Research Centre of Sociology and Aesthetics of Music), and aims to contribute to the establishment of a state of the art of the gender and music research field in the last quarter century, inscribed in the epistemological dynamics of the social sciences.

MTAB 2015 brings together 14 presentations, a concert, an ‘interactive moment’ and a round table.  It aims to promote a wide discussion of perspectives and theories, as well as of the research in progress, in the studied field.


Coordination: P. G. Ribeiro