International Conference Diplomacy and Aristocracy as patrons of music and theatre in Europe of the ancien régime

Call for Papers
International Conference
Diplomacy and Aristocracy as patrons of music and theatre
in Europe of the ancien régime
Queluz National Palace, Portugal
(July 1-3, 2016)
Divino Sospiro – Centro de Estudos Musicais Setecentistas de Portugal (CEMSP)
Scientific Board:
Manuel Carlos de Brito (Portugal), Francesco Cotticelli (Italy), Cristina Fernandes (Portugal),
Paologiovanni Maione (Italy), Iskrena Yordanova (Bulgaria)
Francesco Cotticelli (Seconda Università degli Studi, Naples)
Helen Geyer (Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Weimar)

CEMSP will organize from July 1st through 3rd an International Conference at the National Palace of Queluz (Portugal) on the theme of Diplomacy and Aristocracy as promoters of music and theatre in Europe of the ancien régime. The conference aims to further the dialogue about the dense network created by diplomatic relationships between European courts and aristocratic households at that time frame. The offices of ministers plenipotentiary were often outposts which could provide useful information about the cultural life in foreign countries. Sometimes artistic strategies destined to leave a legacy in the history of the arts, and especially of music and theatre, were defined through the exchanges of couriers. Ministers favored or promoted careers, described or made pieces of repertoire available to other audiences, and even supported practitioners in their difficult travels by planning profitable tours. They stood behind extraordinary artists and protected with their authority many stage performers, and carefully observed the cultural and musical life of the countries where they resided, transmitting precious information.
A primary goal of the conference is to concentrate on the European links of the Portuguese court within the temporal frame of the 18th century.
Investigations will also have to place emphasis on celebratory events (feasts and other events), on the circulation of theatrical plots and practitioners promoted by political and diplomatic connections.
Scholars are invited to submit individual proposals with the maximum length of 20 minutes per paper. Session proposals will be accepted as well: a maximum of three or four papers will be taken into consideration, and the session should not exceed 1h 30.
Official languages of the conference are Portuguese, Italian, English and Spanish.
Abstracts in Word format (.doc), should not exceed 300 words. Please enclose in the same file a brief curriculum vitae of max. 150 words. Please provide your name and surname, postal address, e-mail and telephone number, as well as you institutional affiliation.
Deadline for sending abstracts is April 15th 2016
The scientific board will examine all abstracts by April 30th 2016, and contributors will be informed immediately thereafter.