‘Making the Impossible Possible’: The Feldenkrais Method in Music, Dance, Movement, and Creative Practice

University of West London

Convenors: Marcia Carr and Robert Sholl

The work of Mosche Feldenkrais (1904-1984) has been hugely beneficial to creative artists and performers, and is increasingly taught at conservatoires and Universites throughout the world. Feldenkrais himself worked with Igor Markevich, NarcisoYepes, Yehudi Menuhin, Leon Fleisher and also Peter Brook. The Method is a non-invasive, non-religious, extremely gentle, somatic learning techique that is designed to make “the impossible possible, the possible, easy, and the easy, aesthetically pleasurable,” as Feldenkrais himself stated. This is what creative artists attempt to do every day. This one day event to be held on Saturday, April 30 at The University of West London, UK, W5 5RF, invites contributions from performers, dancers, movement specialists, creative artists, practitioners, and educators (including actor training and musical performance) on the best use of the Method. To this end, this call encompasses asks for a wide variety of events: scholarly papers, posters, workshops, and demonstrations designed to make provocative incisions into the current use of the Method. Topics might include critiques of practice in music and/or dance, embodied and somatic discourses, neuro-physiology and plasticity, gesture or empathy studies, as well as reflections on practice.

Please send a 200 word abstract, for a 20-minute paper or presentation, to Marcia Carr and Prof. Robert Sholl by 15 February 2016

marcia.carr@uwl.ac.uk and robert.sholl@uwl.ac.uk.