‘From the Istrian music treasury’: Music of the Adriatic – identity, influences and traditions

Novigrad (Croatia), 6-8 May 2016


The Department of the Chakavian Assembly for Music Novigrad invites You to the Eighth International Music Conference „From the Istrian music treasury“, which will be held from the 6th until the 8th of May 2016.

Topics of the symposium: Music of the Adriatic – identity, influences and traditions

 Areas of interests:

  1. Music of the Adriatic – identity, influences and traditions
  2. From the Istrian music treasury
  3. Music of the Adriatic in education
  4. Music of the Adriatic in an interdisciplinary context
  5. Music of the Adriatic and music therapy

Topics from the field of musicology, ethnomusicology and music pedagogy grant a broad exploration of different segments of music history, ethnomusicology, music esthetics, music sociology, music analysis, music education, music institutions, modern music, folklore, entertainment music… This signifies a departure from the already researched geographical frames, the istrian peninsula; opening the possibility for application to the symposium for music scientists and researchers from countries that are connected by the Adriatic Sea, and Istrian music is put into a European context.

The doors to the symposium are then not only open to musicologists, ethnomusicologists and music educators but also to other researchers like historians, philologists, artists, sociologists, philosophers, culturologists, kinesiologists, music therapists and others who are connected to the music of the Adriatic through their research. This allows them to exchange experiences and discuss recent studies.

The participants can take part in lectures, workshops or posters. The languages of the symposium are Croatian, Italian, Slovenian and English.

The registration fee, which is to be paid at the registration desk, is 300 kn (cca. 40 EUR). The members of the Department, students and retirees do not pay the registration fee.

By paying the registration fee, the following is included: a booklet with summaries, attendance to all lectures, workshops, concert and gala dinner. The travel and accommodation costs are not included. The papers from the international scientific conference will be issued in electronic form, while the best papers (assessed by a committee) will be printed in a scientific monograph.


  • The Application form and a summary with key words in Croatian, Italian or Slovenian and/or in English should be sent until February 28th 2016 (send to: gortancarlin@gmail.com or to tinangd@gmail.com)

The summary should consist of a minimum of 300 words. All requests will be evaluated on the basis of expertise and quality. The summaries must be sent electronically (Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats) with the complete application form.

  • The notification of acceptance and instructions for the submission of the complete paper will be sent until March 7th 2016.
  • Deadline for the submission of complete papers is April 30th 2016 – the instructions will be sent subsequently by e-mail. The review and categorization procedure follows.