Reconceiving Bartok’s Music – A Public Symposium

School of Music, University of Leeds

March 16th, 2016 | Time: 9:3016:30                   

An international symposium on the music of Bartók on the seventieth anniversary of his death. Speakers will include Amanda Bayley (The Cambridge Companion to Bartók), Julie Brown (Bartók and the Grotesque), David Cooper (Béla Bartók, Bartók Concerto for Orchestra), Malcolm Gillies (The Bartók Companion, Bartók in Britain, Bartók Remembered), Martin Iddon (‘Bartók’s Relics: Nostalgia in György Ligeti’s String Quartet No. 2’) and László Vikárius (Head of the Budapest Bartók Archives). The symposium will be chaired by Derek Scott.

The theme of the symposium, ‘Reconceiving Bartok’s Music’, links to various recent or forthcoming events including:

  • the freeing up of copyright restrictions, allowing for some editions of the Bartók Complete Critical Edition to appear and a general release from the orthodoxies, restrictions and taboos of the mid-late 20th century.
  • the impending appearance of László Somfai’s Thematic Catalogue – a major contribution to how we rethink his music.
  • the final appearance of the Gillies/Gombocz edition of letters subtitled The Musical Mind.
  • the publication of Cooper’s new critical biography of Bartók by Yale University Press, including the themes of its analytical commentary.
  • the perspectives emerging from Biro and Krebs’s The String Quartets of Béla Bartók: Tradition and Legacy in Analytical Perspective.

Further details and booking information are posted on the symposium website