Intersections: Conference on the History of Music in Valencia

València, Thursday 13 – Saturday 15 October, 2016.

Facultat de Geografia i Història, Universitat de València

CFP Deadline: 31 May 2016

The conference aims to promote an idea of the history of music in Valencia avoiding its reduction either to a pale reflection of a general history—identified in the canon of major composers— or to a manifestation of a radical cultural otherness.

With regard to contents, the conference will move within the coordinates of structural history, leaving in the background thematic or chronological criteria: there will be four sessions, respectively devoted to Applied Musicology, Historiography, Institutional History and Biography/Prosopography, and preceded by an inaugural introductory and methodological lecture.

Reflections on historiographical traditions and methodology will foster a debate on the recognition of the intersection between development of institutions and vicissitudes of individuals as a crucial point of music-historical becoming. This view is in accord with a historiography that—reconstructing processes, understanding products and relationships—approaches music as a practice that, originating in the past, reaches the present, while founding on interpretation one of the possible ways of understanding music: a perspective that should materialize the encounter between musicologists and performers.

Further description and full CFP in Valencian, Spanish, Italian, and English:

Scientific Committee

Dinko Fabris – President of the International Musicological Society
Juan José Carreras – Universidad de Zaragoza
Tess Knighton – Clare College, Cambridge/CSIC – Institució Milà i Fontanals, Barcelona
Álvaro Torrente – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Cristina Urchueguía – Universität Bern

Andrea Bombi – Universitat de València
Ferran Escrivà-Llorca – Universitat Jaume I