Instrument of Change: The International Rise of the Guitar (c.1870-1945)

Friday 9 – Sunday 11 December 2016
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

The University of Melbourne, Australia

The rise and international dissemination of the modern guitar can be dated to the decades around the turn of the 20th century, when the instrument took on a variety of forms and became associated with a range of playing styles and music genres. This conference will explore the contexts and trajectories of the guitar during this dynamic period, which pre-dated its global proliferation as a popular music icon in the second half of the 20th century.

Keynote speakers for the conference will include:
Prof. Walter Clark (University of California, Riverside); Prof. Kevin Dawe (University of Kent); Dr Melanie Plesch (University of Melbourne); Prof. John Whiteoak (Monash University)

The call for papers has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. Paper-givers will be notified by early August, but if you need earlier notification, please notify Dr Michael Christoforidis.

  • A provisional program will be posted on the conference website by early October.
  • Registration is free, but bookings will open on Monday 17 October (a link will be provided on the conference website for further information).